AIM offers a full range of TEMA Type Heat Exchangers

We Build

Diameters from 6" to 44” (with the capability to fabricate larger units from our plant in Gainesville, TX)

ASME applications up to 3,000 PSI

ASME Section VIII, Div. 1

U & R Stamped vessels (National Board Registered)

All TEMA Classes (C, B & R)

API-660, API-614, API-618

Military Standards 271 & 278

Tube sizes from 1/2" OD to 1" OD

Tube pitches in triangular, square, rotated square, or rotated triangular pattern

Single-pass, or multi-pass designs

AIM specializes in both seal welded and strength welded tube to tubesheet joints. AIM’s strength welding procedures are qualified in accordance with the requirements of Article QW-193, ASME Code Section IX.

International Country Codes

AIM can supply to the following:

Canadian Registration Number (CRN)- all provinces

Korea Code- KESCO for Korea

PED for Europe

Australian AS-1210

Brazilian Code NR-13

Russian GOST (Declaration of of Conformity and Techical Passport)

Materials Fabricated

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel


Copper-Nickel Alloys




Others as requested

Welding Capabilities

All of AIM's welders are ASME Section 9 certified in Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG), Gas Metal Arc (MIG), Submerged Arc (SAW), and Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW) procedures.

Our weld procedures are qualified to -50 degrees F for:

Carbon Steel

90/10 Cu/Ni

70/30 Cu/Ni



We have weld procedures to -320F for stainless steels.